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Daloijas Andor


Birthday: 1 October 2007
Reg.Number: [NHSB] 2673368
Patella 0/0


Andor is our first-born Sire from our first litter. He's a small compact Pug and very 'easy going'.

Pedigree of Andor

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CAN, S CH Aisle's Black Apache Warrior    ♂ (Black) AM CH Bonjor J K Michael Jordan  ♂ (Black) AM CH Kesander's Maximus Prime  ♂ (Black)
J-K's Night n' Gale ♀ (Black)
CAN CH Aisle's Little Red Riding Hood ♀ (Black) AM CH Kesander’s Nightwatchman  ♂ (Black)
CAN CH Aisle's Black Velvet  ♀ (Black)
AUS CH Fareastern Hei Chang Nei  ♀ (Black) AUS CH Kangala High Society  ♂ (Black) AUS CH Kerab After Midnight  ♂ (Black)
AUS CH Kangala Nancy Pants  ♀ (Black)
AUST CH Fareastern Hei Nei Chu  ♀ (Black) AUST CH Kirbee Bruno  ♂ (Black)
AUST CH Fareastern Hei Ko Chang  ♀ (Black)

Showresults of Daloijas Andor

2009-06-17 Oss Intermediar class 1 Very Good Mrs. Zwaartman, P
2009-05-09 Alkmaar Intermediar class 2 Excellent Dhr. R. Doedijns
2009-04-13 Leeuwarden Intermediar class 2 Very Good Mrs. G. Brouwer
2008-12-07 Commedia ClubMatch Youth class Very Good Dhr. P. Burema
2008-11-16 KCWF ClubMatch Youth class 1st Best Male Mrs. P. Runderkamp
2008-11-02 Bleiswijk Youth class 2 Excellent Dhr. Stafberg, C.G.
2008-09-06 Luxemborg (LUX) Youth class 3 very good Mrs. Assenmacher-Feyel
2008-08-31 Rotterdam Youth class 4 very good Dhr. M.Forte
2008-06-29 Uden Puppy Class very promising - best pup (placed with final 5 ) Mevr. R. Reijnierse
2008-06-15 Hulten Puppy Class 2th very promising Mevr. I. Zwaardman-Pinster
2008-06-01 KC West Friesland 6 - 9 months 2th Place Mevr. Kok v/d Horst, C / R. Noij